"If you are around somebody who is using e-cigarettes, you are breathing an aerosol of exhaled nicotine, ultra-fine particles, volatile organic compounds, and other toxins."  Dr. Stanton Glantz, Director for the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, University of California, San Francisco.

Did you know?
E-cigarettes offer many choices including more than 500 brands and 7,000 flavors of vaping liquids to appeal to youth.


Not Just "Harmless Water Vapor."

E-cigarette users exhale secondhand aerosol (also referred to as vapor) into the environment. Americans for Non-Smokers Rights reports that secondhand aerosol: 

  • Contains nicotine, ultrafine particles and cancer-causing metals such as cadmium, chromium, aluminum, lead, nickel and tin.
  • Contains at least 10 toxic chemicals including acetone, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, propanal, diacetin and triacitine.
  • Exposure can contribute to respiratory problems, airway and eye irritation, asthma and could trigger a heart attack. 

The World Health Organization and several other agencies recommend "e-cigarettes not be used indoors in order to minimize the risk to bystanders breathing in the aerosol emitted by the devices."

 Secondhand Vapor Effects